Advanced Communication TrainingX[17A1944]

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Advanced Communication TrainingX[17A1944]
Advanced Communication TrainingX
科目区分・科目種 全学共通科目 クラス 文特c
CCBM キャリアデザイン  
単位数 2.0単位 履修年次 14

担当教員 マスワナ 紗矢子
学期 前期
火曜 3 4 生活科学部本館122室


Inside Writing 3 (Kate Adams: Oxford)

その他=Five writing assignment 50% (10% for each); Final presentation 10%; Vocabulary quiz 5%; Attendance and participation 35%

This course aims to improve students’ communicative abilities by helping them learn to express themselves on a variety of topics. The course is primarily focused on writing. However, there will be activities involving other language skills, particularly speaking. Students are also expected to learn how to research the topic of writing and learn how to write different types of texts with appropriate language use in context.

The course follows the textbook. The spring semester covers Units 1 to 5. The class activities include discussion, vocabulary building, grammar exercises, collaborative writing, and independent writing. Emphasis is also placed on the importance of the revision, editing, and assessment of writing. A part of the textbook excesses will be assigned as weekly homework. At the end of the course, students are required to give a presentation on their final writing assignment.
1. Introduction & Unit 1
2. Unit 1
3. Units 1 & 2
4. Unit 2
5. Unit 2
6. Unit 3
7. Midterm catchup
8. Unit 3
9. Units 3 & 4
10. Unit 4
11. Unit 4
12. Unit 5
13. Unit 5
14. Final presentation
15. Final presentation