Course Title
Basic EnglishU(1)
科目区分・科目種 外国語 クラス 生Aa(R/L)
CCBM キャリアデザイン  
単位数 1.0単位 履修年次 1

担当教員 野口 徹
学期 3学期
木曜 1 2 共通講義棟1号館204室


This class is designed only for those who are assigned to it. Students in this class should have taken Basic English I in the first semester.


安浪誠祐・Richard S. Lavin, Health & Environment: Reports from VOA Volume 4 『VOA健康と環境レポート4』(松柏社)


The purpose of this class is to help students to develop their basic skills in reading and listening. Students are expected to make constant efforts to be able to read various kinds of texts and to understand spoken English by using listening materials. By taking this class, students should be able to move on to the next step and to take classes offered in the sophomore year.

第1週 オリエンテーション
第2週 Unit 1 Woof! I Feel Stress, Too!
第3週 Unit 2 Good for You, Good for the Planet?
第4週 Unit 3 Magnets for Depression
ALH 1 Reading Exercise: Read and summarize a news article from the Internet
第5週 Unit 4 Protect the Reefs!
第6週 Unit 5 Improving Memory in the Aged
第7週 Unit 6 Helping Trees Talk to Us

Class 1 Orientation
Class 2 Unit 1 Woof! I Feel Stress, Too!
Class 3 Unit 2 Good for You, Good for the Planet?
Class 4 Unit 3 Magnets for Depression
ALH 1 Reading Exercise: Read and summarize a news material from the Internet
Class 5 Unit 4 Protect the Reefs!
Class 6 Unit 5 Improving Memory in the Aged
Class 7 Unit 6 Helping Trees Talk to Us

1. (1)と(2)を分けて履修を希望する者は、初回の授業に申し出ること。次年度に(2)を履修することが単位取得の条件となる。
2. 授業計画は進度に応じて変更の可能性がある。最新の状況は授業で確認すること。
3. 初回の授業で教科書の使い方について説明するので、教科書を持参すること。
4. 授業の予習と復習、及び宿題には十分時間を費やすことが求められる。余裕のあるスケジュール管理を行うこと。
5. 読解と聞き取りのこつをつかむには、相当の時間とエネルギーを自学自習にも注ぐ必要がある。ランゲージ・スタディ・コモンズなども利用して、積極的に自習に取り組むこと。
6. 授業を欠席する場合は、連絡事項について各自で確認すること。また、宿題を期日に提出できない場合は、上記のメールボックスを利用すること。宿題を期限内に提出できなかった場合は、原則として受理しないので、注意すること。
7. 宿題および練習問題は、良く指示を読み、必ず自分の力で作成すること。質問がある場合は、友人ではなく、担当者に申し出ること。
8. Active Learning Hoursについては、初回の授業で説明する。

1. Students who wish to register for the first term only must inform the instructor of their plan in the first class. They are required to register for the second term in the next academic year.
2. The schedule is subject to change. Students are advised to get updated information in the class.
3. Students must bring the textbook to the first class.
4. Students must spend enough time in preparing for classes and reviewing them. It is important to make out a reasonable schedule.
5. It is absolutely necessary to spend a lot of time in self-study. It is a good idea to use facilities such as Language Study Commons.
6. Students are supposed to be kept informed and updated on announcements made in the class. They can put their homework in the instructor’s mailbox before the due date if they have to miss a class. Note that the late homework will not be accepted.
7. In doing exercises, students must read the instructions carefully and solve the problems on their own. If they have any question, they should ask the instructor but not their colleagues and friends for clarifications.
8. Details about Active Learning Hours will be explained in the first class.

Read the unit and do the exercises in it at home in preparing for each class. Review carefully your notebook as well as the textbook and any other materials covered in the class.