Essential Culture and Arts for Global Leadersm16S1016n

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Essential Culture and Arts for Global Leadersm16S1016n
Essential Culture and Arts for Global Leaders
‰Θ–Ϊ‹ζ•ͺE‰Θ–ΪŽν ‹€’ʉȖځi‘OŠϊ‰Ϋ’φj ƒNƒ‰ƒX ”ŽŽm‰Ϋ’φ‹€’Κ
CCBM   ·¬Ψ±Γή»ή²έ  
’PˆΚ” 2.0’PˆΚ —šC”NŽŸ 1`3”N

’S“–‹³ˆυ Ό‰Y@‚έ‚Η‚θ
ŠwŠϊ ‘OW’†
2016/07/25 5 ` 10 Œΐ (13:20 ` 18:10) ‘ε‰ο‹cŽΊilŠΤ•Ά‰»Œ€‹†‰Θ“604ŽΊj
2016/07/26 5 ` 10 Œΐ (13:20 ` 18:10) ‘ε‰ο‹cŽΊilŠΤ•Ά‰»Œ€‹†‰Θ“604ŽΊj
2016/07/28 5 ` 10 Œΐ (13:20 ` 18:10) ‘ε‰ο‹cŽΊilŠΤ•Ά‰»Œ€‹†‰Θ“604ŽΊj
2016/07/30 1 ` 10 Œΐ (9:00 ` 18:10) Žε‚ΙŠwŠO‚ΜŽΐK


None. Some papers might be distributed accordingly.

‚»‚Μ‘Ό=Essays count obviously, but in my class, I would be looking for the studentfs ability to be able to express awareness, present her ideas and thoughts on the subject and learning in front of others.

Preparing for the future opportunities
Balance------Skills can be learnt but sense of moral and good thinking cannot

*Preparing for the future, world of contemporary workplace
*Teaching gpeople skillsh, essential for global leaders
*Helping to lay foundation for future plans(careers)
*Teaching to be competitive in numerous areas of ideas
*Encouraging to expand horizons
*Helping to discover new perspectives
*Teaching to free onefs mind, gaining skills to defend/express onefs pint of view
*Helping to see the difference, reflect on life, beauty, justice, and opposites
*Helping to provide moral scale/compass
*Preparing for a wide spectrum of opportunities in the future

1. International Relations
2. Benefit of knowing languages
3. What do we learn from wonderful books? (Literature)
4. 100 people, 100 minds
5. Human relations
6. If music be the food of love
7. What do we know about our Defense Policies
8. Kabuki, a gmusth experience (Visiting Kabukiza)
9. Religions worldwide
10. Space technologies, Japan and other nations
11. Diversity, Women Empowerment
12. Social & Humanity studies
13. Embassy and itfs role, What is Ambassadorfs job?
14. Yakimono, Nurimono, East meets West
15. Importance of Japan Diplomacy through dining

Nota bene: The necessary expenses required for outside of classroom activities will be announced accordingly in due course.
The order of these lectures will be subject to change.