Essential Chemistry for Global Leaders‡Tm17S1002n

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Essential Chemistry for Global Leaders‡Tm17S1002n
Essential Chemistry for Global Leaders‡T
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CCBM   ·¬Ψ±Γή»ή²έ  
’PˆΚ” 2.0’PˆΚ —šC”NŽŸ 1`3”N

’S“–‹³ˆυ RICHARDS Gary James
ŠwŠϊ ‘OŠϊ
‰Ξ—j 3 ` 4 Œΐ lŠΤ•Ά‰»Œ€‹†‰Θ“408ŽΊ


Salters Advanced Chemistry: Chemical Storylines (AS) and Chemical Ideas (AS)

‚»‚Μ‘Ό=Final Examination

An introduction to the fundamentals of chemistry for the non-chemistry specialist. The fundamental science will be linked to real world examples through regular reading assignments.

Week 1 : Measuring amounts of a substance. Chemical formulae. Moles.
Week 2 : Solutions and concentration
Week 3 : Atomic Structure. Nuclear reactions. Radioisotopes.
Week 4 : Electronic structure and the periodic table.
Week 5 : Chemical Bonding. Ionic Bonds. Covalent bonds. Electronegativity.
Week 6 : Shapes of Molecules. Isomerism.
Week 7 : Energy out, energy in. Enthalpy cycles.
Week 8 : Bond enthalpies. Entropy and mixing.
Week 9 : Polymers. Addition polymerisation. Thermoplastic and thermosetting polymers.
Week 10: Functional Polymers.
Week 11 : Organic chemistry. Alkanes and alkenes and their reactions.
Week 12 : Arenes and their reactions.
Week 13 : Alcohols and Ethers.
Week 14 : Halogenoalkanes.

This course is meant as a basic introduction to the fundamentals of chemistry. The lectures themselves will focus mainly on the fundamental science – the chemical ideas – which will be placed into the context of social and industrial needs through reading assignments – the chemical storylines. Although the chemistry discussed in this course will be too simple for the chemistry specialist, chemistry students are welcome to attend to help with their chemistry English!