Essential Chemistry for Global LeadersU[18S1009]

Course Title
Essential Chemistry for Global LeadersU[18S1009]
Essential Chemistry for Global LeadersU
科目区分・科目種 共通科目(前期課程) クラス 博士課程共通
CCBM   キャリアデザイン  
単位数 2.0単位 履修年次 13

担当教員 RICHARDS Gary James
学期 後期
木曜 3 4 人間文化研究科棟408室


Salters Advanced Chemistry: Chemical Storylines (AS) and Chemical Ideas (AS); Organic Chemistry: McMurry; Inorganic Chemistry: Shriver and Atkins.

その他= Attendance and final examination.

This course covers fundamental chemical science during lectures and attempts to link this knowledge to real world examples through the use of videos and reading assignments. The objective is to give students not only a working knowledge of chemistry, but also an understanding of why it is important in our everyday lives.

Lecture Types:
Standard lecture types with occasional use of video to illustrate real-world examples. Lectures will include a short Q and A review of previous lectures topics. Short reading assignments will be given occasionally.

Lecture topics will include :
1. Thc CFC story. How did chemistry help us solve the hole in the ozone layer problem ?
2. How does your flat screen TV work ? Discover the chemistry of liquid crystals !
3. Keeping charged. Find out about the chemistry behind your mobile phone battery !
4. Colour chemisty. What makes things coloured and how do we measure it ?
5. Building muscle ! What is protein and how is it made ?
6. How do chemists design new drugs to treat disease ?
7…and how do we make that drug once we’ve designed it ?
8. Modern day chemical analytical techniques.

This course builds on the foundational chemistry introduced in the Essential Chemistry for Global Leaders I course. As well as adding to the fundamental chemistry introduced in course I, we will also look at how this chemistry becomes relevant in the real world. Although most of the topics covered will be already very familiar to chemistry major students, these students may also benefit from this course if they are looking to improve their English language skills with respect to chemistry.