Essential Physics for Global LeadersT[19S1001]

Course Title
Essential Physics for Global LeadersT[19S1001]
Essential Physics for Global LeadersT
科目区分・科目種 共通科目(前期課程) クラス 博士課程共通
CCBM   キャリアデザイン  
単位数 2.0単位 履修年次 13

担当教員 Edward Thomas Foley
学期 後期
水曜 3 4 人間文化研究科棟408室

Lectures will be interactive, and will include physical demonstrations of topics covered. Students will be expected and encouraged to participate in English. Homework assignments will be given for each topic covered in the course. Students will be grouped into teams that will prepare and deliver a presentation to the class, teaching fellow students about topics in Physics they select. Students will formally evaluate each other's work.


Course materials will be provided by the instructor, or be available online.

その他=30% on Homework, 30% on Class Participation, and 40% on Class Presentations and Peer Evaluations    

Essential Physics for Global Leaders I will present students with an introductory overview of core concepts in classical and modern physics, underlying natural systems, and current and future technologies of concern to business and government leaders in the global community. Students will learn how to discuss these physical concepts, and to educate fellow students in relevant topics using proper academic English.

10/2 (Class 1)  Course Introduction and Discussion of Student Interests
10/9 (Class 2)  Classical Mechanics - Newton's Laws
10/16 (Class 3) Classical Mechanics - Conservation of Energy
10/23 (Class 4) Oscillations, Waves, Resonance
10/30 (Class 5) Thermodynamics
11/6 (Class 6) Electromagnetism
11/13 (Class 7) Electricity and Basic Electric Circuits
11/27 (Class 8) Light and Optics
12/4 (Class 9) Basic Quantum Mechanics
12/11 (Class 10) Atomic, Nuclear, Particle Physics
12/18 (Class 11) Semiconductor Physics
1/8 (Class 12) Renewable Energy
1/15 (Class 13) Student Presentations
1/22 (Class 14) Student Presentations
1/29 (Class 15) Nuclear Power


This course will be an introductory survey of a variety of topics in classical and modern physics. The topics and the depth to which they are covered may change, according to the student's background and expressed interest. Students can expect to engage in an interesting educational collaboration, improving their understanding of basic physics in proper academic English.

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